Millennium Bridge

Tuesday 6 February 2018 – 09:00

Today marks the 100th anniversary of royal assent for a significant reform to the electoral system, giving many women throughout the UK the vote for the first time.

When the historic motion was passed in parliament, they couldn’t have imagined that 100 years on, gender equality would still be such a divisive issue for the country. But the government’s celebratory Vote 100 programme takes place amid a backdrop of gender pay debates and a media focus on sexual discrimination both inside and outside the workplace.

With women comprising 70% of our 140,000 members, AAT has worked for several years to be a role model on gender diversity and has long called for gender equality in all businesses. In addition:

Take our quiz

In celebration of today’s anniversary, AAT has put together a fun and informative ten-question quiz, testing your knowledge on the introduction of the vote for women as well as female representation in parliament over the last century.

How many questions can you get right? Be warned – it’s a tough test!



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