RJK Arfeen bookkeeping services tailored to your needs.

We offer flexible, scalable bookkeeping services with a focus on efficiency and transparency. We are a very IT orientated organization and look to leverage technology through our bookkeeping services and processes to minimize costly and inefficient manual input as much as possible. Outsource your entire back office process to us and you will be allocated a team of professionals to cover all your accounting needs.

  • Flexible, scalable, efficient bookkeeping services. Your place, or our place, or a bit of both.
  • We can provide a high level of IT support and guide you to choose best software that tailors you financial needs.
  • We can help optimize your internal process so that our job is more efficient.
  • Dedicated technicians looking after you who will get to know you and your team.

Full back office service

  • Raising and sending sales invoices, credit control
  • Paying suppliers and sending remittances
  • Bank account management
  • VAT and payroll management.